Doe Library

Doe Library supports the teaching, research, and instructional needs associated with more than 50 academic departments and programs in the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and International and Area Studies. The Doe Library building is home to several libraries and is connected to the Main (Gardner) Stacks, where the collections of Doe and Moffitt libraries are shelved.

This library is wheelchair accessible.


Jun 16 - Jun 22
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Doe Library exterior
Charles Franklin Doe Memorial Library
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

This library is wheelchair accessible.

Explore Doe Library


Doe Library is open to all researchers and visitors, with no identification, registration, pass, or prior arrangements required. Certain services, collections, equipment, or rooms may be available only to certain groups of UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk for further details. 



The UC Berkeley Library’s collections are rich and bountiful — and they’re waiting to be explored by members of the UC Berkeley community and knowledge-seekers everywhere. Use UC Library Search, the University of California’s all-in-one-platform for discovery, to find books, journals, articles, and more, and check them out at libraries across the Berkeley campus and at other UC schools. Learn more about borrowing Library materials.



Recently received current unbound periodicals, journals, and magazines are shelved in the Heyns Reading Room (Heyns floor plan (PDF)) on the second floor of Doe Library (PDF).

  • Unbound periodicals do not circulate and must be used within the Reference Center reading rooms.
  • Bound volumes are shelved in the Main (Gardner) Stacks or, when indicated, in the Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF).
  • Unless otherwise indicated, bound volumes may circulate.
  • All periodical titles are listed in UC Library Search, including journals in electronic form.

Current unbound periodicals are shelved in the Heyns Reading Room by call number.

  • The most recent issue of popular interest titles (for example, Time magazine) is shelved in the Browse section.
  • Larger format titles (for example, The Times Literary Supplement) are shelved in the Folio section.

In the UC Library Search full record view, click the locations of the print journals “available at (blank) library” link, which displays more detailed information, such as the list of issues and bound volumes of the title and issues recently sent to the Bindery.

Both print and electronic journals available to UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff are included in UC Library Search using the Articles, Books, and More profile or Journal Search feature.

Doe Library Reference Center staff will facilitate use of the Heyns Reading Room, as well as answer general questions about periodicals, journals, and magazines.

Reference help

The Reference Center is a unified research space comprising the three great rooms in Doe Library: the North Reading Room, Reference Hall, and Heyns Reading Room.

  • The emphasis of its collections is on the humanities, social sciences, area studies, and government information. Use subject guides to find research resources.
  • The reference collection is shelved in the North Reading Room and Reference Hall.
  • The Current Periodicals collection is located in the Heyns Reading Room. 


Reference staff provide guidance and recommend search strategies for novice and advanced researchers in the humanities and social sciences. We help you in tracking down an obscure citation, starting research on a new topic, or answering any question you may have navigating the world of information —by in-person and virtual appointments, by email, and chat.


The Reference Center includes:

  • Computers for library research (full internet access for current UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff only)
  • eduroam wireless connectivity (for current UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff only)
  • Study tables with electrical outlets; North Reading Room study tables may require outlet adapters
  • Networked printing (printer located at east end of the Reference Hall; requires credit on Cal 1 Card or a guest card)
  • Multifunction scan/print/copy machines are located in the Reference Hall; requires credit on Cal 1 Card or a guest card

Access policy

The Reference Center is open to Berkeley students, faculty, and staff, as well as to the general public.

Study spaces

  • The Heyns Reading Room and North Reading Room (Floor 2 (PDF)) provide over 400 seats at large study tables and a handful of comfy chairs in a beautiful and historic setting.
  • Graduate Services (Floor 2 (PDF)) provides study spaces for currently enrolled graduate students, faculty, and staff only. A dedicated dissertation writer’s room is open to doctoral students.
  • Morrison Library (Floor 1 (PDF)) offers a quiet and relaxing space to read, lounge, and listen to music.
  • Doe Library is open to the public.

Lost and found

The Lost and Found for Doe Library, Moffitt Library, and the Main (Gardner) Stacks is located at the south entrance security desk on the first floor of Doe Library. You can reach the desk by:

Found items

Items found in Doe Library, Moffitt Library, and Main Stacks will be kept by library security in a secure location where they are tagged with the current date and entered into the Lost and Found database.

  • Photo identification is required to pick up lost items.
  • Valuable items are kept for one week and then will be taken to the Lost and Found at UCPD.
  • UC Berkeley IDs will be taken to the CalNet Office.
  • Any remaining items will be donated or disposed of after 2 months (2 weeks for water bottles).

Presumed stolen

If you believe you have had items stolen from you in Doe Library, Moffitt Library, or Main Stacks, go to the security desk at the south entrance on the first floor of Doe Library, and report it to the personnel on duty there. They will help you contact the Berkeley Police Department to file a report.